• Opening schools to new worlds.

  • Making each child bloom as a whole.


    We help educators foster smart and curious children. Lü engages their intelligence and learning styles using compelling activities, tools and immersive experiences.


    We also believe that a sound body leads to a sound mind. Lü supports health, sports, fitness and physical education leading to a quality active lifestyle.


    Lü will bring powerful experiences to help develop confidence, empathy, self esteem, interpersonal skills, and anxiety and stress reduction, all which are crucial for the world we live in.

  • Lü in a nutshell

    Lü transforms traditional school environments into immersive and interactive spaces using

    a vast catalog of purposeful activities and world-class audiovisual equipments.

  • The gym for the schools of the 21st century.

    A gym is a big space. With the right equipment, traditional physical education boundaries can be pushed forward, and take learning to a new level!


    Explore our different product configurations and find the one that fits your space.

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    Recently featured applications


    Lëaf immerses players in a lush natural environment. Racing against the clock, students work in teams to take care of their virtual tree.


    Push your aerobic capacity to the limit (VO2 max) while exploring space alongside Rob the robot in this interstellar beep test.

    Lü comes with an ever-growing selection of applications frequently and automatically updated.

  • Lü engages kids everywhere.

    Tens of thousands of kids, spread in more than 20 countries are using Lü on a weekly basis.


    We empower hundreds of forward-thinking educators through a vast online ecosystem and will soon extend our reach outside of the gym.

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