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Our 5 FETC Favs!

We are proud that Lü is exhibiting along side these 5 projects at the upcoming FETC

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At , we are on a mission get kids engaged to the next level! For us, this means that all systems, applications, activities and hardware we develop aim to have kids more:

  • Physically active and healthy

  • Creative and curious

  • Passionate about school

  • Socially and emotionally balanced

We therefore base our KPIs on and this is how we measure success. Our interactive playground and associated software is basically a tools to reach those objectives.

We have decided to tackle children’s well being on these four front based on our own experiences and capacity to have a transformative effect on them. However, in order to really have an impact on kids’ future we need do our part with other projects who have kids at heart.

Starting next week, is the Future of Education Technology Conference and exhibition. We are very excited to take part of this show. We will even have a live demos of our Lü interactive Playground system. We are also as excited to discover all the other fantastic projects exhibiting at the show. So much so that we went through the exhibitors’ list to see which ones we felt were the coolest. Here is our top 5:


Empowering Kids with Technology. Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s kids, so we’re working to empower kids everywhere - regardless of gender, race, nationality, and ability - to solve the epic challenges ahead. We’re building a future where chief changemakers and problem-solvers are not limited to elite experts.

How they do it

littleBits makes a platform of discrete electronic components pre-assembled in tiny circuit boards. Our electronic building kits allow you to create complex structures with very little engineering knowledge. littleBits are simple, intuitive, space-sensitive blocks that make prototyping with sophisticated electronics a matter of snapping small magnets together.

Using hardware, software, and content, littleBits is transforming the way kids learn so they can grow up to be tomorrow’s changemakers

Why we think it’s cool

Well, to this day, we, ourselves, still take stuff apart to figure out how it works or fix it. In short, we set on our own mission because of that same philosophy and approach to problem-solving. Luckily enough, many of us at Lü have grown up in environments favouring and nurturing this type of learning and educational vision. A project like Littlebits, bringing this approach in a structured and collaborative manner to the community is an essential vision to promote to better our future leaders.

Go check ‘em out:


Leaning on the principals of The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). Using core competencies of Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision Making to help children grow, through created content, across 15 topics including Grit, Motivation, Empathy, Focus and Patience.

How they do it

Q Wunder is a complete school-to-home social-emotional learning program for Pre-K - 3rd grade. A combination of applications, content, music, lessons, games and books, educators and parents can use to help children develop self-awareness, manners, problem-solving, empathy, responsibility, grit and more.

Why we think it’s cool

You don’t have to spend too much time in traffic to understand that social-emotional learning should be part of any academic curriculum. In the past, it is a skill set that has largely been overseen but has now proven to have not only incredible benefits on kids health and wellness but also is a major contributing factor to a child’s success across the entire academic spectrum.

In fact: “research shows that children who learn emotional intelligence skills have less anxiety and depression; have fewer attention, learning and behavior problems; are better problem-solvers; display greater social and leadership skills; and perform better academically.” Marc Brackett, Ph.D., Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

Curious for more:


To reinvent the way technology is implemented in the classroom and empower teachers and education specialist and give them the tools and connections to engage students more efficiently and improve educational effectiveness on both a large and small scale.

Schoology is transforming learning through the collaboration of passionate individuals. We're on a unique journey, and this is just the beginning.

How they do it

Schoology isn't just an LMS. It's a living, breathing educational community that can adjust to changing student needs, learn from collective experiences, and continually improve as education and technology advance. Schoology hopes not only to illuminate why particular students learn the way they do, but also to provide support and personalized content that is tailored to them.

With a goal of improving student outcomes, they realized the need to disrupt the stagnant education technology market by making Schoology available for every teacher in every classroom. Schoology not only provides schools and districts with a configurable, scalable, and easy-to-implement solution, but also provides a basic version of its award-winning platform free for teachers.

Why we think it’s cool

Collective intelligence and building strong knowledge network has been at the root of human development. Funny how sometimes we tend to forget about that one. What Schoology brings to the table are the tools and content through a cross plateform and in a structured way to empower teachers and education specialists regardless of their geography. In other words, giving the collectivity it's best chance for growth and from where are are standing this is pretty cool indeed.

See it for yourself:


Engaged With You. At National Geographic Learning, we believe that an engaged and motivated learner will be a successful one, and we design our materials with a highly interactive storytelling approach which is a great way to invoke these connections. Through our learning programs, we want learners to experience the excitement and joy of learning that National Geographic explorers, scientists, writers and photographers experience.

How they do it

National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning, provides quality PreK-12, academic, and adult education instructional materials, including core and supplemental products for science, social studies, reading/Language Arts, ESL/ELD, and disciplinary literacy, Career & Technical Education and Advanced, Honors, and Electives. National Geographic Learning offers award-winning educational programs that deliver the same high-interest content and the incredible quality that you've come to know and expect from that institution.

They share real stories from National Geographic that increase learners’ knowledge of the world and everything in it. They illustrate these materials with stunning National Geographic photography, video, and illustrations that bring the world to the classroom and the classroom to life.


Why we think it’s cool

Well it’s Nat Geo… for any curious mind out there, Nat Geo has always a reference for coolness. In our team, we have an eclectic bunch of people who carry a very diverse set of skills ex: a woodworking sailboarding programmer, a painter/photographer neurobiologist manager and a trained musician mix reality producer CEO. One thing for sure we share a common liking to Nat Geo’s content. Their high quality standards and their diversity of content, is to us essential to better curiosity and appreciation for our world by young ones. We have always felt that the actual passion about content creation they have had since the beginning, still transpires through the brand and inspires people to do the same.


Democratizing digital expression through programming. At our mission is to ensure that Scratch is available for free, for everyone, so that kids around the world can express their ideas through coding. As champions of the Scratch project, we raise funds to support the project and share stories of innovation, collaboration, and learning within the global Scratch community.

How they do it

The ability to code computer programs is an important part of literacy in today’s society. When people learn to code in Scratch, they learn important strategies for solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas.

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.

Why we think it’s cool

For us it’s not only about knowing your way around code even if it moving closer towards an essential skill to have in the future. To us it is about what lies behind what coding is about. Think about learning a language, it’s syntax, it’s grammar, it’s word and also understanding how it is a reflexion of the history and tradition of it’s speakers. Computer programming is quite similar to that but also adds a strong layer of logic mathematics within the mix.

Finally we also fell on to these facts while doing some research:

“Introductory programming classes in schools can help children understand the basics of programming structure, logic, and design. Of course, not all children will become software engineers; however, learning programming may help sharpen their practical and logical thinking skills. What’s more, some people found coding helped them get more out of their computers, tablets, smartphones, and other popular digital devices.” - Matthew Lynch, The Edvocate, 2017

We rest our case, git kids coding:

PS: In case you didn't know, here is what we do!

If you are at FETC this year, come and say hi and play at booth 103

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