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  • VÏKA

    In the world of VÏKA kids compete to win the hearts of villagers by sailing to their city to protect them against the Kraken. In each city teams are challenged to correctly answer geography, mathematics, sports and science questions.

    When the Kraken suddenly attacks, teams must unite to escape danger.

    Target age : 8 to 12 y.o

    Number of players : 8 to 12

    Game duration : 10 to 30 min

  • GERM

    In GERM teams protect their side against a virus who wants to infect their body.


    Kids must work in team to anticipate where the virus will go next and place blockers at the right spots. They can also use a special move when the time is right!


    Target age : 5 to 90 y.o

    Number of players : 4 to 10

    Game duration : 2 to 4 min

  • JAM

    JAM is the perfect activity to be creative. Kids can discover instruments and sounds and use them to create a song of their own and make everyone dance !

    Target age : 8 to 12 y.o

    Number of players : 4 to 8

    Game duration : 5 to 15 min


    GALACTIC is a space odyssey that might sound familiar to some connoisseur.


    The game is as much fun to watch than to play, because if you can survive the first levels, fun only begins. It will get harder, and harder… Only the best work of a well organized team will get through it.

    Target age : 5 to 90 y.o

    Number of players : 4 to 10

    Game duration : 2 to 4 min

  • PUZZ

    PUZZ is a travel experience through maps and iconic places in the world. Images are sliced in 16 tiles and throwing the ball on any tile will make it rotate 90 degrees. Watch out, if you are almost done, and you hit the wrong tile, you step back! This game is a challenge between two team, so hurry!

    Target age : 7 to 90 y.o

    Number of players : 6 to 16

    Game duration : 2 to 4 min


    In a world inspired by a popular online 3D bloc game, will you be able to find the right blocs to spell the name of the object on the podium? A great way to learn multiple languages, and alphabet while moving and exercising!

    Target age : 5 to 7 y.o

    Number of players : 6 to 12

    Game duration : Variable

  • SWËT

    A game designed for fitness gyms and cardio training using medicine balls.


    Height, and speed between each throw will determine the winner of the round!


    Target age : 10 to 99 y.o

    Number of players : 3

    Game duration : 30 seconds


    The math duel. How fast can you solve this equation? Two team facing each other in a fast pace mental arithmetic game merged with throwing precision skills.


    All parameters for this game can be set to adjust the level of difficulty.

    Target age : 6 to 11 y.o

    Number of players : 8 to 30

    Game duration : Variable


    A polyvalent tool to create multiple game and training scenarios. Targets can be fully customized from shapes, sizes, quantities, timers and positions.


    Place a goal and start a soccer game on the full gym, or use the target point counters to train volley-ball services. You decide!

    Target age : 3 to 90 y.o

    Number of players : 1 to 30

    Game duration : Variable


    Who never dreamed to draw stars in the sky, this magnificent canvas?


    What if using cartesian coordinates, kids could draw patterns that reveal to be some of the most popular star constellations?

    Target age : 8 to 15 y.o

    Number of players : 4 to 8

    Game duration : Variable


    Time management in physical activity is key. We just created a giant version of the traditional time and score board.


    CHRONO allow you to create sequences of timed interval activities to allow the creation of the perfect warm-up or the specialized sport drill.

    Target age : 3 to 90 y.o

    Number of players : 1 to 30

    Game duration : Variable

  • ROAR

    ROAR is the first full scale multiplayer game syncing both screen in the same gameplay. Inspired from the ultimate frisbee or the handball, kids have to move forward on the field to get to the adversary goal. When they hold the ball, their feet can’t move. Scoring will start a special game to make more points!

    Target age : 8 to 14 y.o

    Number of players : 12 to 30

    Game duration : 4 to 8 min

  • ZOO

    The ZOO is the perfect game for the younger ones. They can build their own world and stories by interacting with the «magic» wall. Each ball will spawn a new cute animal, and if the ball is thrown fast enough on the same animal before it disapear, it will make it grow until splitting in many pieces.

    Target age : 3 to 6 y.o

    Number of players : 8 to 12

    Game duration : 1 to 10 min


    STADIUM turns the gym into a gamified football field, soccer field or basketball court. With STADIUM it becomes easy to adapt the activity to different skill levels and ages.

    Target age : 5 to 12 y.o

    Number of players : 10 to 30

    Game duration : 5 to 30 min

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